Renting a self storage unit at J&B Self Storage makes more business sense than renting warehouse space.


Let’s face it, leasing warehouse space in today’s market isn’t cost effective. It makes a lot more economical senses to rent a self storage unit at J&B Self Storage. Our self storage units are clean, dry and secure. We offer the convenience of one central location with a huge selection of unit sizes and shapes.

Renting a warehouse can be costly. Most warehouses require an annual lease. What happens if you suddenly require additional space? And if your business is seasonal, leasing warehouse space can mean paying for empty space when it’s not needed.

Warehouses are located off the beaten path. They are usually in industrial areas, near the railroad tracks, and in the less secured areas of town. It can be a dangerous place to be. And what happens in the evenings and weekends when you can’t have access to your stuff?

J&B Self Storage offers you all the advantages of traditional warehousing without the baggage. No long-term leases or late-night anxieties. And we offer extended hours that fit an entrepreneur’s busy schedule. With on-site management and opportunities to move between units within the facility, upsizing or downsizing is possible.

Visit J&B Self Storage to see why renting a self storage space for your business makes good business sense.

J&B Self Storage in Amarillo has 231 self storage units with more than 43,500 square feet of rentable storage space. We offer move-in specials, low prices, great value, convenient location and hassle-free service. Give us a call today at (806) 359-1371.

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